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The Strategy

Kastunis Bags: high quality products at affordable prices

Many marketing experts assert that high quality products should have a well known brand, highly visible in the market and, at the same time, to be very expensive and therefore in the range of a few people.

The mission of Kastunis, far from it, is to produce precious bags, which are renowned and enduring expressions of the traditional “Made in Italy”, but at reasonable prices and therefore accessible to a greater number of customers, looking for quality, elegance and refinement.

Through an agile business structure, Kastunis directs its efforts and uses its investments primarily to ensure the best raw materials and the collaboration of craftsmen who represent the excellence of their sector, giving up on investments in advertising and communications to support products and brand. From this precise company strategy, carried on with passion and perseverance, comes the opportunity of Kastunis to propose to customers products which are “beautiful, well made and designed to”, but at affordable prices.

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