Unique stones, precious leather, timeless beauty.

Luxury bags for all those who are looking for the atypical that makes the difference.


The Italian craftsmanship dedicated to top quality products: Kastunis blends the arts of leather industry, metalworking and cutting stones to create classy bags, destined to last beyond seasons and trends.


Kastunis transforms and models the best leathers available on the market: from French Amazone calfskin to suede calfskin, from soft and fine pony skin to exotic leathers.


The natural stones that enrich the Kastunis bags evoke special emotions, with their imagine always different. Imbedded in the particular jewellery clasp, they are the hallmark of our products.

  • Dafne Suede Python

  • Aline Python

  • Mia Calfskin

  • Morgana Calf / Python


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Blue Ypnotic

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it.”
Oscar Wilde

The  “ICONIC” collection of Kastunis aspires to cut to the heart of all those women who feed their souls with beauty: the only temptation that no one can resist. The Kastunis creations are the result of the work of several artisans who represent the excellence of its sector, thanks to which leathers , stones and metals come together to create a unique product of its kind.